Congratulations on taking a step to an AMAZING BIRTH EXPERIENCE!

I am Mallory at Mallory Chase, Birth Boot Camp Doula and I am committed to making your pregnancy and birth experience beautiful and filled with the best possible memories. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fifth, every experience is different and presents its own challenges. I received my certification through the Birth Boot Camp Doula training program and am trained on the most effective Comfort keeping techniques as well as being prepared to support you in any type of birth experience you choose or is medically necessary.
This is not just a job for me, it’s my passion! I have long been known to be the calm one in any medical situation, so it wasn’t surprising when a close friend asked me to be her support during labor and delivery. This experience ignited my passion to learn everything I could about pregnancy, birth and being a birth doula.
I have combined another passion of mine into my business as well, photography. Check out my services section and see for yourself the great photography options that I offer exclusively for my Doula clients.
Pregnancy and birth should be a calm and beautiful experience for the whole family and with the support and guidance of a professional Doula it can be!
Call me today at 605-391-7633 for your free initial consultation so we can begin this beautiful journey together!


Mallory Chase, Birth Boot Camp Doula is a leading Rapid City doula on!